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QCC Exterior Building
QCC est. 1874 logo.png

Queen City Club 


In 1874, the Queen City Club was first created by the men who built this city; Longworth, Probasco, Ramsey, Sinton, Anderson, Taft, & Shillito. It was considered, “the first business professional men’s club of a modern sort, with its own quarters”. They met on November 12, 1874 & put together the first officers of the Queen City Club. Mr. Joseph Longworth was the most active founder & therefore was designated as the first president of the Queen City Club. While deciding the officers of the Queen City Club, the men determined a requirement of membership for the club would be to purchase a share of stock for $250. At the very beginning the club occupied the “gentleman’s parlor” of the Grand Hotel for the first two years.


In 1876, the club then moved & came underway in a newly built building on Seventh & Elm Street. After many years on Seventh & Elm it was time to move. On June 28, 1927, the Queen City Club moved to Fourth & Broadway where it is still located today.

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